.NET Barcode Generator SDK

Create Barcode for ASP.NET Web
CnetSDK .NET Barcode Generator SDK includes mature linear/1d and matrix/2d barcodes creating & drawing features for ASP.NET web site page & web applications. This .NET barcode library component dll can be used to generate barcode images independently, without using other third-party .NET assemblies or components. You can use it to draw, create & make most commonly linear & 2d barcodes like Code 39, Code 128, EAN, UPC, and QR Code bar codes.
This online tutorial page describes how to draw, generate, and create 1d & 2d barcode images in ASP.NET applications, like ASP.NET web page/site, IIS web application, and ASP.NET web class library. You can easily integrate mature linear & 2d barcodes generating and & creating features into your ASP.NET project. All bar codes are created compatible with latest ISO/IEC barcode specifications.

Please Note: a watermark ("www.cnetsdk.com") will be shown on each generated barcode image randomly if you are using .NET barcode generator trial.
The following steps illustrate how to draw, create & generate barcode image in Visual Studio ASP.NET project web form. CnetSDK .NET barcode creator library is used as a web form control.

1. Firstly, download free barcode generator trial online and you will find ASP.NET barcode creator control (CnetSDK.Barcode.Generator.Trial.dll) in the Lib folder;
2. Secondly, add this ASP.NET barcode maker & creator web form control to Visual Studio toolbox and you will see a control called "
CSWebControl" under toolbox;
      * Right click ".NET Visual Studio Toolbox", select menu "Choose Items... ";
      * In "Choose Toolbox Items" form, click the button "Browse...", and select CnetSDK.Barcode.Generator.Trial.dll.
3. And then, with a project's web form open in design mode, drag and drop CnetSDK barcode creator & generator control item from the toolbox onto the web form.
4. Finally, copy "CSWebHandler.ashx" file to your ASP.NET web site.    
You can draw, create and generate barcode in IIS web application. Please do as follows.

1. Publish your APS.NET web site to your IIS.
2. Copy bin folder to your IIS. And copy "BarcodeWebHandler.ashx" file to your IIS root path.
3. Create an empty HTML web page, and add a sample Code 128 barcode using code 
4. Now, you can view HTML page on a web browser, and a sample Code 128 barcode will be displayed on the page.

Please Note: By using two ways above to draw and create barcode on a web page, you should ensure that "BarcodeWebHandler.ashx" file is placed to the same folder as the web page. Moreover, the src property of tag can be set by javascript to customize barcode drawing & creating, and there is no need to refresh the whole web page.
To integrate CnetSDK .NET Barcode Generator & Creator SDK, you may directly add CnetSDK.Barcode.Generator.Trial.dll to your ASP.NET web form project reference. And this barcode creator library DLL will be copied automatically to ASP.NET project bin folder.

And then, you can directly copy the following barcode creation C# sample code to your ASP.NET web from class, and draw & generate a sample Code 128 barcode.
using System;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.UI;
using CnetSDK.Barcode.Generator.Trial;

namespace ASPNETWebBarcodeGeneratorExample
    public partial class WebForm1 : System.Web.UI.Page
        protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            CSBarcode Code128 = new CSBarcode();
            Code128.BarcodeData = "www.cnetsdk.com";
            Code128.BarcodeType = CSBarcodeType.Code128;
            Code128.BarcodeWidth = 200;
            Code128.BarcodeHeight = 100;
Besides ASP.NET barcode generation guide, we also provide tutorial for .NET WinForms barcode making & generating.
Our .NET Barcode Creator & Generator SDK can be used to create linear and 2d bar codes in ASP.NET web form class, ASP.NET web site, and IIS web applications. High print quality barcode image can be easy to draw, create and stream to ASPX web page. Following barcode symbologies are supported.

Draw & Create Code 39 Barcode

Draw & Create Code 128 Barcode

Draw & Create EAN-8 Barcode

Draw & Create EAN-13 Barcode

Draw & Create UPC-A Barcode

Draw & Create PDF-417 Barcode

Draw & Create QR Code Barcode

Draw & Create Aztec Barcode

Draw & Create Data Matrix Barcode